HR Analytics

About HR Analytics

HR Analytics relates to exploring historical data using Statistical Analysis techniques to discover various employee tendencies and obtain early intimations of future events by calculating the probability values.

HR can utilize the vast pools of data available in their Human Capital Management Systems to drive data analytics which enables strategizing activities like Recruitment, Retention, Training and Compensation Planning.

Opportune HR Analytics tool will enable you to identify the employees in your organization who are at risk of attrition along with the probability values. This will provide business new competitive advantage that will improve decision making, minimize risks and enable organization to unearth valuable insights of its data.

Ready to play with HR Analytics?

Process for running the model

  • Download the
    template files
    for past data and current data

  • Fill in or copy and
    paste the data
    into the file in the specified format

  • Upload the
    to the portal to run the model

  • Download the
    Attrition Analytics
    from the portal
Download Past Data for Uploading
Blank Data Template
Download Current Data for Uploading
Blank Data Template
Upload Data for Model Training
Upload Data for Model Testing

*Note - Download & Uploading files will be in CSV format.